Reduction of German VAT effective 01.07.2020

The VAT of 16% applicable in Germany from July 1st, 2020 will not be displayed in the configurator. In the event of an inquiry, VAT will be reduced accordingly.

Would you like to forward your configured furniture design to us?

We are currently still working on the configurator on various settings. Until the “request button” is created in the configurator, proceed as follows:

  • On the PC and notebook:
    In the full-screen mode of the configurator, press the “Print” button on your PC keyboard, this will create a graphic of your design. You can now insert this graphic into an e-mail or a Word document – simply with the key combination “Ctrl + V” or “right mouse button + insert” – and send it to us with your comments.
    On the notebook, the “Print” key could also be located on another key, usually on the F keys in the top row. To do this, press the “Fn” key and, for example, “F11” at the same time, should the word “Print” be found there.
  • No print button available
    Alternatively, for example, the Windows snipping tool offers the option of creating a “snapshot” graphic and then processing it as described above.

Does the configurator work on mobile devices?

In the near future there will be an application / app that will also make it possible to use our configurator on a smartphone or tablet.