The guarantee period of 10 years for the basic system includes all boards and connectors.

TAVAR grants a guarantee period of 5 years for the accessories.

The guarantee covers any defects in material and/or workmanship.

The assembly, installation and care instructions must be followed carefully.

The guarantee period begins on the date of delivery, the original invoice serves as proof of purchase.


The guarantee does not apply to:

For use in damp rooms, outdoors and at temperatures above 70 degrees C.

Signs of wear, cuts or scratches.

Damage due to incorrect assembly or construction not approved by TAVAR.

Improper use and penetration of liquids.

Violent physical or chemical effects.

Damage caused by impacts or accidents.

Possible loosening of individual magnets (pressed without adhesive for recycling reasons)..

Accompanying or consequential damage caused by the above.


Everything can be re-ordered in the long term.