Minimal – what is important to us?

Our philosophy is all about the art of simplicity.





Our goal is to make your living and working life as easy as possible with our furniture.


Simplicity and meaningful consumption, how can this be combined?

Create something in harmony with the environment and achieve the highest quality.

Make a conscious choice and be critical.


The TAVAR system is deliberately kept simple in the “Bauhaus” style. We limit ourselves to the essentials and achieve clarity, peace and order through the minimalist concept.

You are welcome to possess things and enjoy them. TAVAR furniture are of very high quality. So longevity is guaranteed, and we appreciate the value. Let yourself be inspired and take your time to find your favorite piece of furniture – it has to be chosen deliberately.





The special thing about TAVAR furniture:

They are designed according to the modular principle.

Extendable in all three (!) dimensions.

Extremely flexible.

Magnetic hold in combination with tongues and grooves.

Can easily be assembled and disassembled without tools.


TAVAR offers the opportunity to design something special – with just a few elements. You can be creative designing your unique piece of furniture choosing from a variety of colors and surfaces.





Looking for a change?

Just as we go through different stages of life, spaces can vary – allow change. With TAVAR furniture you can move forward in small or big steps – nothing is superfluous, no furniture has to be “disposed of” a new one needs to be bought. Take your time to grow. Sometimes a new coloured door is enough. Or what was previously closed becomes more open. Old things can be combined with something new. Maybe you like it colourful in the summer, the muted colours in the winter – sometimes a small change makes the difference.

The panels of our drawers can even be exchanged in seconds. One click – and a new color accentuates the furniture. That’s what makes living fun.