Better safe than sorry.

Whether at home, at trade fairs or in the shop – the demands on system furniture are high. And flexibility shall never be at the expense of security. That’s why all our products are tested thorougly.

The development and testing phase took us almost four years. From the first good prototype to our absolute satisfaction, there were six stages of development, each with a new prototype.

Our patented system with tongues and grooves, supported by magnets, results in a high level of stability and resilience in the overall structure. In addition, we join all our connector ends with special cubes to ensure horizontal protection. They interlock like puzzle pieces with the connectors and make a “pulling apart” to the right and left impossible.

However, care should be taken when moving or carrying a piece of furniture. Here it is recommended to dismantle the furniture once and rebuild it. This is possible without hardly wearing out as often as you wish and of course tool-free.

From a furniture total height of 100 cm upwards, we recommend to secure all furniture to the wall. We provide you with detailed instructions and material. Please contact us if you want to change a low TAVAR furniture into a high one and need a missing wall securing!