Set L

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The above price refers to the least expensive option with boards in melamine white.

Shipping costs in addition.

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Birch plywood, surface

Drawers Melamin white

Doors Melamin white

Sliding door set Melamin white

Drawers Melamin Eco

Doors Melamin Eco

Sliding door set Melamin Eco

Drawers HPL coloured

Doors HPL coloured

Sliding door set HPL coloured

Drawers veneer

Doors veneer

Sliding door set Natural veneer

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Discover our flexible TAVAR Sets which are the most adaptable of all options.
You get a building set and can assemble one of the displayed variants (and more) easily.
Building instructions for several variants are also included.
Extensions are possible of cause, please get in contact with us.

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Modular, extendable
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It’s magnetic!
No tools required
Easy to mount
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